# Brainstorming

Quality through quantity: generating new ideas in the group
Time required
From 10 minutes to 1 hour
1 moderator, max. 12 participants (UX team, user)
Level of experience

# Summary

Brainstorming is one of the most established techniques for generating ideas. Since this procedure is simple and generally known, no experts are required to carry it out. The correct formulation of the question at the beginning is important for the quality of the results.

# Result

Brainstorming is about generating as many new ideas as possible in a team. Quality is achieved through quantity. Ideally, every participant is actively involved in the process.

# Approach

  1. A moderator formulates the question in the format "How can we...?"
  2. The group gives free rein to its creativity and generates a large number of ideas
  3. There's always exactly one person talking.
  4. No idea is too wild, the participants should dare something new.
  5. Do not evaluate or discuss ideas yet.
  6. Do not lose focus on the question.
  7. Write down all ideas.
  8. Finally analyse the results.

# Time of use

Brainstorming makes sense when you can benefit from a large number of ideas. It can also help beyond creative blockages and allow you to think outside fixed structures.

# Tools and Templates

  • Pen and Post-its for each participant
  • Whiteboard

# Advantages

The entire creative potential of the team can be exploited by using this method. With little preparation and effort, many variants can be generated.

# Disadvantages

Because this process is not anonymous, opinion leaders can have a major impact on the group. Depending on the number of variants, there may be a long post-processing time.

# Hints

If a group is too large, communication suffers. It is recommended to have a maximum group size of 12 people. In addition, the flow of ideas may be blocked. Here it is advisable to use a moderator, who gives suggestions in case of doubt. For the free exchange of ideas, it makes sense to create a space in which everyone dares to share their ideas.

# Sources